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03/01/10 - Freeport - DeBrief

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03/01/10 - Freeport - DeBrief

Post  Mortis7432 on Mon Jan 04, 2010 3:32 am

So that we can further improve after each game i will put up a debrief thread for people to make suggestions for future games or for any feedback that they want to make. If people can split their feedback into the following format.

Example of Feedback

Ways to Improve:
Any other input:

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Re: 03/01/10 - Freeport - DeBrief

Post  Gollum on Mon Jan 04, 2010 3:40 am

Firstly, Was a really good day and a great performance considering that was the first time i had played with you in a while and we were a few body's short.

However, in a few of the games i noticed that we split away from each other leaving each other alone. Another thing was the way we were clearing Rooms Etc, it was a little bit hectic. To avoid splitting away all we need to do is maintain constant radio chatter (Even Chris's Singing) and let everyone know where we are which at alot of times was done brilliantly by Neil Especially. When stacking up on doors, pre game we need to appoint different positions as when we got to each door Neil had to send us through instead of us automatically knowing who it was going to be.

Apart from those things though was a solid day from every single player.I wonder if Dog Team Have Finally Met There Match?

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